Are you looking for career advice or guidance on your career move in the Recruitment Industry?

The recruitment Industry can be challenging at the best of times. Come in for a chat and a coffee anytime. We will be that 3rd party who listen and understand what you are going through. We will offer advice on your career or problems at work, and if you are looking for a job we will act as a confidential conduit between you and your next employer. We will take away the concern about seeking a role within the recruitment industry when your potential employers are also your competition!

Your career is your personal journey. You have a destination in mind and a goal in sight, needing only advice on the best route to take – that is where Galaxy Recruitment can help…….

There are many benefits of coming to Galaxy Recruitment:

  • Confidential: We are discreet and remove concern about your current employer finding out. We never reveal your identity or send your details to anyone without your prior consent.
  • Connected: We are connected and well networked, and able to get you through the system.
  • Experienced: We are experienced and can offer guidance, advice and support.
  • Reputable: We only work with reputable recruitment companies of the highest and most ethical standard and will never refer you to a company with values conflicting with those of our own.

What can you expect when you contact Galaxy Recruitment?

It’s an honest, empathetic and simple approach when you interact with the Galaxy Recruitment team and you will be in the driving seat at all times. The process is:

  • You describe your ‘ideal’ job, employer and career aspirations.
  • We then outline a number of companies and give you lots of information about culture, career opportunities, remuneration, etc.
  • Equipped with ‘inside info’ you can confidentially choose companies you would like to meet with.
  • Before you go for your first interview you will be briefed comprehensively on what to expect.
  • After the meeting we will debrief with you to gain feedback and advice on next step.
  • All relevant feedback from the client will be relayed to you to assist you with future interviews.
  • When you secure your dream job through us, we keep in touch and you can call us at any time!

For help, advice, guidance or a confidential chat, contact us here.
We are available between 7am and 8pm (including weekends).