We are specialists in recruiting for the Recruitment Industry.

Candidate Sourcing

The Galaxy Recruitment team don’t just rely on advertising to source candidates, in fact the majority of our candidates come through referrals, passive candidates who approach us for confidential advice, and networking activities. This enables our clients to access a pool of top candidates they normally would not be able to access themselves.  Acting as our clients’ “ambassadors” we can represent them in a positive light, promote their brand and entice the best candidates in their direction.

Apart from our recruitment to recruitment service offering, the Galaxy team also provide the following:

  • Industry trends.
  • Retention strategies.
  • Staff performance issue management.
  • Remuneration/commission structures advice.
  • In-demand incentives to attract the best candidates.
  • Company reputation and perception feedback and improvement strategies.

Our Service

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with innovative solutions through partnerships based on a deep understanding of their business. The better we know our clients, the easier it is for us to promote their firm and find the perfect staff.  We don’t send out a lot of CVs – only the ones we truly believe are a good fit. If we don’t have the right calibre of candidates available, we will tell you. Your success is our success and we want to be part of your success story!

Non-Headhunting Policy

It goes without saying that we NEVER headhunt from our clients. If any of our clients’ staff approach us, we will encourage them to reconsider and talk to them about their reasons for approaching us. If they are convinced they are looking for a new job, we will assist them in their search.

For help, advice, guidance or a confidential chat about your recruitment needs, contact us here.
We are available between 7am and 8pm (including weekends).